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Marketing & Copyright Protection of The GeoSpring 1.0 Software (2019)

IProd had participated since 2019 in the marketing and copyright protection of the software GeoSpring 1.0. The product which has been developed by the Startup Tashfeen gained a better visibility and a wider portfolio thank to IProd efforts. Further, IProd had also registered GeoSpring 1.0 in the OTDAV Tunisian Institution and also in the Middle East Region.

Marketing & Copyright Protection of the Cosetta 1.0 Software (2020)

One of the most copyright works in which IProd invested in 2020 consisted on the edition protection of the software Cosetta 1.0. Such a product which has been developed for geotechnical engineers to design vertical drains, had been commercialized under the supervision of IProd.

Marketing The International Geotechnical Platform GeoTashfeen (2021)

IProd is focusing since the beginning of 2021 on the copyright protection of the first online and free geotechnical platform GeoTashfeen. Such a computational web-product offers a wide range of free online services. Hence, should be promoted under the international laws of web platforms.

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